Bow Hunters Lodge was formed in 2006 by guide and outfitter, Pat Mcnarmara.

Bow Hunters Lodge is 100 % bowhunting dogs! 

Bow Hunters Lodge are truly bowhunters the guide bowhunters!

Bow Hunters Lodge is proudly Australian owned and operated

About Bow Hunters Lodge and what to check for before choosing a guided safari.

Are they insured?
Ask to see there policy.
At Bow Hunters Lodge we are insured.

Is the Outfitter a member of any professional guide association?
At Bow Hunters Lodge we are a member of The Professional Hunters Association of Australia.

Are they Bow Hunters that actually hunt?
At Bow Hunters Lodge we are hunters that actually hunt with a bow.

Do they run rifle and dog hunts as well?
At Bow Hunters lodge we ONLY hunt fair chase with a dogs.

Do they have references and client testimonies?
At Bow Hunters Lodge we are proud to show our testimonies’ and references.

How long have they been established?
Bow Hunters Lodge has been established for 5 years.

How long have they been bow hunting?
Bow Hunters Lodge owner -outfitter and guide has been bow hunting for 25 years.

Can you enjoy a cold beer after your hunt?
At Bow Hunters Lodge you can enjoy a coldy (a few places are on Indigenous Land NO ALCOHOL, heavy fines apply) Double click here to edit this text.
Do not miss out...

B.H.L only have a limited number of Bow Hunting Safaris in Australia - available for 2019-2020. Please browse through the website and contact me for further information and secure your Bow Hunting Dream Adventure in Australia.

Pat McNamara
Mobile Phone 0428645635