Hunter Requirements:
Bowhunters Lodge will require you upon arrival to sign a hunting contract: (This an insurance obligation)

Please make sure YOU THE HUNTER BRING
any and all medications you require with you as we are in a remote area while hunting.
If you wear glasses, please consider bringing a spare pair and a small screwdriver to tighten screws.
If you wear contacts, please consider bringing 2 pair and spare contacts with ample re contact re-wetting drops.

Please consider disclosing any medical complications that may affect your health, so we are aware. Eg: asthma, diabetes. ( in confidence )
Please advise if you have any allergies:
Please Advise if are gluten free: Or Dairy free so we may plan in advance.
BHL strongly recommends Travel Insurance in case of any unforseen weather, delay or incident.
All payments will be in accordance to BHL procedures:
All payment must be made before hunt begins: For more details, contact Pat:
You can print out our Chital – Axis suggested gear & check list...
You can print out our scrub Bull and Boar suggested gear & check list...

Do not miss out...

B.H.L only have a limited number of Bow Hunting Safaris in Australia - available for 2019-2020. Please browse through the website and contact me for further information and secure your Bow Hunting Dream Adventure in Australia.

Pat McNamara
Mobile Phone 0428645635