Hunters Checklist Charters Towers: Chital - Axis Stag Camp.

Hunting equip:
Bow x 1, spare cable/string [bow press in camp]
Broadheads, hair shaving sharp,
Arrows, min 2 dz,
Release aid/glove/tab,
Quiver; bow mounted preferably, String wax,
Small tool kit optional, camp has good kit.
Hydration pack, able to carry fruit, snacks and first aid kit.
Bow case, lockable, recommend plano range. 
Keep your equipment to 20kgs if flying plus 7kgs for carry on.suggest electronics in carry on.should be able to pack clothes
etc all with bow.
Knife, sharpening equipment.
Binoculars with harness, good quality 8x40 or 10 x 40, recommend leupolds or similar.
Torch, headlamp recommended.

Camo ,light weight, cotton preferably, auscam or similar x 2
Lightweight rain protection x 1
Camp clothes x 2
Shoes; Dunlop volleys best option.
Socks x 2 optional.
Hat; wide brim, wrap arounds good option x 1 ....[Camp has washing facilities]


Sheets, pillow, towel supplied.


First aid kit; contain pressure bandages for snake bite.
Bring Gatorade powder etc if you like for your water.
Panodol/nurofen, bandaids etc bring along as we are not able to supply medications.
Gastrolite/electrolites sachets from chemists,good to replish salts etc.
Snacks, musile bars, chocs etc. camp will supply fruit,oranges etc.

Radio,5 watt with earpiece and push to talk or mic, recommend gme 6100, essential for good communication,quiet and good safety]
Gps, recommend garmin,good safety ,essential for cape york.
Camera, preferably compact - Video camera, optional, often where suitable guide can video.
Print Out Copy For Bow Hunters Lodge
Check list Axis - Chital Stag Hunt Queensland Australia