Hi Pat, 
My testimonial.

My brother Adam and I chose Pat McNamara at Bowhunters Lodge to guide us on our first Cape York bow hunt for wild pigs. It was Adams first hunt, and even though I had previously taken a few pigs with a bow I was also pretty much a novice when it came to bow hunting. It is absolutely fantastic to be guided by experienced hunters who also take the time to teach what they know. Even when it comes down to sharpening broad-heads I learned some valuable tips that enabled me to significantly reduce the time needed to get broad-heads shaving sharp. We learned a lot about sneaking up on pigs and pig hunting in general. We also had a lot of fun, bagged some good boars, and were looked after like royalty, with everything laid on from a big breakfast each morning to fresh caught Barra for dinner. Give it a go, Cape York is a pig mecca.
I am now booked to hunt Chital deer in December 2010.

Mark Hibbert
Hi Pat,
My testimonial.

Our publication has been associated with Pat McNamara for a little over four years, and he has proven to be a regular freelance contributor to our publication, with several articles being published within that time.
In 2005 we were invited to perform a review of Pat’s hunting outfit, “Bowhunters Lodge”, which is based on “Merluna Station” in the heart of Cape York and by all accounts Pat provided their clients with outstanding, professional, and efficient service with many clients stating that they would be booking their hunts with Pat for following seasons.
Our representative and Pro Staff shooter Milton Cunningham conducted a review of “Bowhunters Lodge” on behalf of Bowhunting Down Under Magazine in October 2006 and also found Pat’s service to be among the best hunting outfits on offer in Australia. 

On a personal note, I just returned from a New Zealand hunting Safari and was accompanied by Pat McNamara on the same hunt and found him to be enthusiastic, efficient and believe he would provide a mutually beneficial hunting outfit with any willing station owner and I would not hesitate to recommend Pat’s services to anyone!

Graham Cash. Editor/Publisher.
Bow Hunting Down Under Magazine.

 Dear Pat
My testimonial

On behalf of myself and my hunting partner Brett McIntosh, we would like to thank Pat and his happy offsider Rob Donnelly (Casino Archery) for the great time they provided for us, they went out of their way to make the hunt successful, but also a very happy camp which is extremely important. Brett and I were the first hunters for the season on a new property for Pat, and we all learnt along the way the best places to go, on some days you felt like an explorer opening up new land never seen before by white men, this property has a lot of potential and will be even better now that the boys are finding the best places to hunt and there are some fantastic spots. Brett and I are new to archery and the help from both Pat and Rob would have taken years to acquire.The camp itself is a top spot, sleeping in 5,000 star accommodation(under the stars, no tents or cabins, fantastic) beside a river with Barramundi 5 metres from your bunk. Rob and Pat served up great food with lots of laughs, just watch the Red wine, Pats idea of having a glass of red is different to mine (Darwin Stubby comes to mind). Thanks again Pat and Rob, if my health holds up, I will be back with Brett.

Regards Douglas Trott.
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Pat McNamara
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